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Types Of Keno Bets

Betting in Keno can be a little more complicated then just choosing some numbers. There are more exotic bets available that can give you more chances to win.

Standard Bets

Standard Keno Ticket This is where you mark a set of numbers on the Keno ticket. This is a simple bet, and you are betting that those numbers will come up.

Way Bets

Way bets are where you group sets of numbers on the one ticket so that you can play more then one set of numbers on the one ticket. These are some often most common way bets available.

Keno way ticekt - 3x3x3 3x3x3 – This gives you three sets of three numbers that you can win on. It is the same as playing three separate games of three numbers each, but just on the one ticket. All you have to do is circle the groups of numbers to form the numbers that you want to bet on. It’s as easy as that.
Keno way ticket - 2x3x4 2x3x4 – This is a simlar example to the first way bet, but shows you that you can not only have different amounts of numbers in each set, but you can also share numbers between sets so that you can bet on the same number more then once on each ticket.
Way keno ticket - 10x10x10x10 10x10x10x10 – This may look strange, but there are a lot of people that use bets like this. This bet will give you 4 games of 10 numbers and does show one of the more popular ways of betting by taking all of the numbers in one line. This is easy to keep track of and a very simple bet.
Way keno ticket - 4x4x8 4x4x8 – This is where things start to get a little more complicated. Don’t worry though because this is about as complicated as things get in Keno. This bet gives you two sets of four numbers, as well as one set of 8 numbers. That means that you’ll have some great payouts when these numbers come up!